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 The Watchtower and the United Nations/Scarlet Beast

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The Watchtower and the United Nations/Scarlet Beast Empty
PostSubject: The Watchtower and the United Nations/Scarlet Beast   The Watchtower and the United Nations/Scarlet Beast Icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2016 5:47 am

Quote :
"No, the UN is not a blessing, even though the religious clergy of Christendom and the rabbis of Jewry pray heaven’s blessing upon that organization. It is really “the image of the wild beast,” the visible political, commercial organization of “the god of this system of things,” Satan the Devil. So the UN will soon be destroyed along with that beastly organization." Watchtower 1984 Sep 15 p.15


The Guardian 15th October 2001
Quote :
The Jehovah's Witnesses have hurriedly disaffiliated from the United Nations within days of a Guardian story in which members accused the sect of hypocrisy for supporting an organisation it has repeatedly denounced privately.

After the article last Monday, the organisation's New York based hierarchy pre-empted a UN inquiry by agreeing to dissociate the Witnesses from an organisation which it holds to be the scarlet beast named in the Book of Revelation

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The Watchtower and the United Nations/Scarlet Beast
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