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 Now we hear the truth

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PostSubject: Now we hear the truth   Now we hear the truth Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2015 7:26 am

Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses To Child Sexual Abuse
August 14 2015

Geoffrey Jackson a member of the Governing Body is asked how they are responding to child sexual abuse, within the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses.

However, my interest in this post is regarding the Governing Body's claim that they are appointed by God. That they alone have the Truth, because God will only speak to them.

Counsel Assisting: Mr Angus Stewart SC, is asking the questions.
Quote :

Q. Do you, as members of the Governing Body, regard
yourselves as being appointed by Jehovah God or under the
capacity or authority of Jehovah God?

A. What we view ourselves, as fellow workers with our
brothers and sisters - we have been given a responsibility
to guard or to be guardians of doctrine. So just the same
with elders, they are referred to as being appointed by
holy spirit, as you probably are aware, we believe that
means that when an elder is in harmony with what the Bible
says is required of an elder, then he is appointed by the
holy spirit. So the same is true with the Governing Body.

Mr Geoffrey Jackson is saying that Jehovah God does not directly appoint the Governing Body members with holy spirit.
They like elders, must meet the spiritual qualifications set out in the holy bible.
If that is true, in what way can they claim that 'they alone have God's backing?'
If the Governing Body is not directly appointed by God's holy spirit, then they are only who they say they are, because they are saying it.

Quote :

Q. And do you see yourselves as Jehovah God's
spokespeople on earth?

A. That I think would seem to be quite presumptuous to
say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using.
The scriptures clearly show that someone can act in harmony
with God's spirit in giving comfort and help in the
congregations, but if I could just clarify a little, going
back to Matthew 24, clearly, Jesus said that in the last
days - and Jehovah's Witnesses believe these are the last
days - there would be a slave, a group of persons who would
have responsibility to care for the spiritual food. So in
that respect, we view ourselves as trying to fulfil that

Quote :

"Is it presumptuous of Jehovah's Witnesses to point out that they alone have God's backing? Actually, no more so than when the Israelites in Egypt claimed to have God's backing in spite of the Egyptians' belief, or when the first-century Christians claimed to have God's backing to the exclusion of Jewish religionists."
Watchtower 2001 Jun 1 p.16

Quote :

"Similarly, Jehovah is using only one organization today to accomplish his will. To receive everlasting life in the earthly Paradise we must identify that organization and serve God as part of it."
Watchtower 1983 Feb 15 p.12

So, the question has to be asked.
Who is telling the truth here, the Governing  Body member Geoffrey Jackson or the Watchtower magazine which he oversees the writing of and then its publication?
He seems confused here. He oversees the doctrines written in the Watchtower magazine and then, under oath, says the opposite.

Is there any proof that Jehovah God has had any contact or communication with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, in the past and in the present?

Transcript (Day 155): 14 August
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Now we hear the truth
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